2009 Top 10 List

Well, it’s a new year, which means that there is bound to be tons of reflection on the year past. There will be lists abound – Best movies of 2009, best dressed of 2009, and of course, highest foreclosure rates of 2009! Here’s the breakdown, courtesy of cnbc.com:

10. Hawaii – 1 in 330

9.   Georgia – 1 in 305

8.   Illinois – 1 in 294

7.   Michigan – 1 in 225

6.   Utah – 1 in 200

5.   California – 1 in 165

4.   Idaho – 1 in 159

3.   Florida – 1 in 158

2.   Arizona – 1 in 132

1.   Nevada – 1 in 94

Put down those cards, ladies and gentlemen – I think Las Vegas has run out of luck!  I wouldn’t press my luck at Michigan’s casinos, either… we’re sitting (not so) pretty at number seven with 1 in 255 households losing their houses to foreclosure. And even more homeowners are facing foreclosure or heading that way by being behind on their mortgage payments. One piece of good news for the New Year is that if you’re facing foreclosure, we may have a permanent solution for you in the form of a short sale. If you know that you can no longer afford the house, and are ready to sell it, give Emily a call or email now.  If you wait much longer, we may have to tell you we can’t help.


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