$257k Disappears with 3 houses in 3 weeks

Within the last 3 weeks, we closed on three different houses and my team made $257,000 of debt disappear between all of them. How is this done? This is done with a short sale. Don’t know what a short sale is? Well you can search this blog to learn more, or just give us a call. We’re really good at them though, based on all of the testimonials you’ll find here and here. Oh, and here’s three more!

Big Problem, Tenant Trashes House, Can’t Sell, Can’t Make Repairs.  Result? Sold, Closed (with Short Sale forgiving $99,000 of debt) within 2 months.  Listen to Carol’s Story (from Kalamazoo, Michigan) – it’s Amazing!

“In regards to our need of facing foreclosure, we were rescued by Joel Zieve and his staff to not only protect our family but also provide the greatest service in assisting us to settle a debt exceeding $75,000.00. Without [them], we would be in dire straits with nowhere to turn but face foreclosure. It is my sincere recommendation that if anyone faces a similar situation as our family, you would immediately contact Great Lakes Home Solutions. I am 100% confident you will feel as fortunate as our family is.” William and Kristin, Hudsonville, Michigan

“In working with Great Lakes Home Solutions, I found the staff to be informative and helpful in my situation. During a difficult time, Great Lakes Home Solutions was able to sell my home and relieve me of an $83,000 debt. They were truly the avenue to an answered prayer.” Cynthia, Grand Rapids


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