9 Things You Need To Know About Michigan Foreclosure But Were Never Told

“Fix It” Joel & I recently attended a conference for businesses like ours that help homeowners facing foreclosure. One of our brainstorming sessions was on what we wanted homeowners to know about foreclosure. Here is a list of things we came up with.

1. Work out Plans with the lender – can you afford to fail again or have you fixed the problem?

2. Bankruptcy – is always only a temporary solution.

3. Government Programs – are you willing to put your financial future in the hands of the government? It’s amazing all the press the politicians get for rolling out these “rescue” programs. But when it comes down to it, only 1 in 30 families we talk to are able to qualify for these programs!

4. Deed in lieu – don’t do the banks dirty work for them.

5. Deficiencies – learn the real truth behind the numbers, a short sale can minimize or eliminate this risk.

6. 1099 – a good tax preparer can be your answer (we can point you in the right direction).

7. Ability to buy a home again – the dream is not dead as long as you focus on solving your current problem today and let us help you get back to better times.

8. Getting professional help – not all Realtors® and attorneys are created equal.

9. The choice is yours, walk away today stuck in debt (full foreclosure on your credit) or starting fresh (after a short sale).

For more on any of these topics, visit our website and check out these topics:
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Or just call us – we want you to have the information to make good decisions!


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