Who Is Great Lakes Home Solutions And Why Should You Call Us If You Are Facing Foreclosure?

Great Lakes Home Solutions Inc. (GLHS, Inc) is based in Plainwell Michigan. It is locally owned and operated. We’ve been working with financially stressed homeowners since 2002 and negotiating with lenders since 2006. We service almost the entire lower half of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

People often ask “what exactly do you guys do”? That really depends what your goals are. Are you trying to keep the house or are you at a point where you’ve realized you simply can’t afford it any more? (Either way, there’s never a fee).

If you want to keep it: We’d love to help. No, we won’t get paid, but so what? It’s just the right thing to do. You need a place you can turn to get accurate information. We’re on top of “everything foreclosure” in Michigan – we have to be, so let our knowledge help you.

If you’ve had a long term hardship (or an ARM) and can’t afford it any more: 90% of the families in this situation want to sell, but can’t because they owe too much. This is where we shine! Someone needs to buy the house, and it most certainly doesn’t need to be the foreclosing bank! We will negotiate with the banks to get your debt reduced to a point that it makes financial sense for someone to buy it. This buyer will pay us. You can then move on with credit intact so that you can start over fresh.

Not sure? No problem – we’ll explain all of your options to you.

There’s Almost Always A Solution Better Than A Foreclosure

We Are Just Like You
We are people like you who have experienced life’s hardship. We have been through job loss, divorce, foreclosure and medical hardships. We know what it is like to lose an important loved one in your life. We have been through all this, and made it to better times and you can too. We are on your side and here to help.

We have extensive training and experience in working with people facing foreclosure. We continue to stay current on foreclosure issues and trends by attending seminars, reading, listening to CDs and networking with Attorneys, Lenders, REALTORS®, people at non-profit organizations, and real estate investors.

Our Mission Statement
To provide solutions to families facing foreclosure throughout Michigan in a timely and respectful manner
Meet The Great Lakes Home Solutions Team (we look forward to working with you)

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