Who We Really Are (getting personal)

We know you are in a tough situation and don’t know who to trust. Maybe you found us on the web and aren’t sure if we are “real people”. Maybe your lender or some well meaning friend has warned you about scams out there. Whatever your hesitation in picking up the phone and just calling us, we hope this blog will be the blog that convinces you to make the call. We are going to tell you who we really are.

Joel is an avid pilot (has been for the last 20+ years) and if he isn’t in the office negotiating with banks, he is planing a flight for Wings of Mercy or to take some kids for a ride.  Maybe he’s planning to go downhill skiing, or he’s off cycling.  He loves Hockey and the Detroit Red Wings is his team.

Ann tries to keep up with Joel accompanying him on as many flying, skiing and cycling trips as possible (ok, well not too many cycling trips any more – since she is too slow for Joel). She has what are possibly the luckiest 2 dogs on the planet because she loves to take them for walks in the woods and around lakes and they get to go for walks 4 times a day. She volunteers for the Red Cross and likes to travel anywhere she has family – which means all across the country from NJ to Oregon. A lot of her family is concentrated in Pittsburgh so she is psyched that the Steelers won the Super Bowl again in 2008.

Holly has an unquenchable thirst for travel, although the trips are usually limited to Detroit and Cleveland to visit family. Luckily her two cockatiels love car rides and all of the attention from the family members, which makes frequent trips easy. She has been (painfully and exhaustingly) experimenting with running ever since she married into a family of avid runners. Holly is also a serious discount shopper – she can smell a sale from miles away.

There you have it – the whole, unadulterated truth about who we are. Yes, we are real people with maybe the same interests, backgrounds and situations as you. Together, we form Michigan’s #1 Foreclosure Solution and Short Sale team and are focused on helping you.

See we aren’t so scary, give us a call and let us help you get back to better times.

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