All in a Day’s Work – Many Michigan Sellers Want Short Sales

All in a Day’s Work – Many Michigan Sellers Want Short Sales

Let me tell you about some calls I took yesterday to show you what goes on around here in a typical day.

Colin called (not his real name). He had talked to us back in May when he was already several months behind on his house payment. At that time, he wanted to do a work out and try to save his house and he was going to work with another company. However, he was unsuccessful because the financial hardship he had experienced (cut back in hours at work) was not over and the bank would not work with him – he simply needed a payment far less than what was possible. Now, he has been notified that he is facing a Michigan Foreclosure and he wants to do something to at least save his credit, since he is not able to save the house. Fortunately for Colin, we should be able to help him with that by writing an offer to purchase it right away and negotiating the short sale without charging him.

Patty called (not her real name). She missed several months of work due to a disability and got behind on the house payment. Now she is back to work and able to make the house payment again. The lender is willing to work with her and reinstate her loan if she can come up with several thousand dollars to bring the loan current. She called looking for advice on how to find the money if a relative is not able to help. I referred her to Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services (read about them here)  since her situation is something they are better equipped to handle than we are. She was grateful for the referral.

Jason called (not his real name). He owns a business and business has been bad for many, many months forcing him to live on his savings. His savings is almost depleted and he is now several months behind on his house payment and facing a Michigan foreclosure. Jason was very anxious about the letters he has been receiving from his lender’s attorneys. I was able to explain to him what is happening and what to expect going forward with the foreclosure process. I explained to him about the Michigan redemption period and his options before and after the Sheriff auction. I even arranged to send a REALTOR® over to his house (one that specializes in distressed properties) to give him an accurate value of what the house is worth (since he doesn’t know the value in today’s market). Jason has some decisions to make on what he wants to do and now he has the information to make informed decisions. I could hear the relief in his voice as we hung up.

From my perspective, yesterday wasn’t so unusual, as we have been helping Michigan homeowners like Colin, Patty & Jason daily for 5 years now. It sounded like yesterday was unusual for Colin, Patty & Jason because they finally got some answers and direction. From their feedback and feedback I get from others, apparently there aren’t a lot of companies/people out there willing to listen and take the time to educate and discuss options with homeowners facing a Michigan foreclosure. That is why we are here, to help. We will never ask for any money and we keep all information confidential. Give us a call today and see how we can help you. Come on, make our day (and yours too)!


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