Amazing Dog Changes TV Channels

Amazing Dog Changes TV Channels

My husband was watching a football game the other day when our dog walked in and stepped on the remote. We aren’t sure what buttons she stepped on because she not only changed the channel but also managed to turned off some components. It took my husband a good 5-10 minutes to figure out how to get the right things turned back on to resume the game.

As I watched this struggle, I saw a parallel with life. We can be cruising along, minding our own business when someone changes the channel on us. If you are facing a Michigan foreclosure, I bet that you had the channel changed on you with a job loss, divorce, disability, death or other hardship. This can result in confusion as you try to get back to the channel you were happy with before.

The good news is that while people can change the channel on you, you can change it back! That is what we are here to help you do. We will answer your questions, help you understand your options and clarify your goals. We won’t charge you any fees or put you in a worse situation. Give us a call today and change your channel back to happy times.


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