Another $195k Wiped Out, 4 Days, 2 Houses

Within the last week, we closed on two different houses and my team made $195,000 of debt disappear between both of them. How is this done? This is done with a short sale. Don’t know what a short sale is? Well you can search this blog to learn more, or just give us a call. We’re really good at them though, based on all of the testimonials you’ll find here and here. Oh, and here’s two more!

“… my life has been turned around – they helped me get a new lease on life…”


Robert, Holland, Michigan

We appreciated all the work Great Lakes Home Solutions did on our behalf. We were trying to work with our bank, but couldn’t get through all the bureaucracy of the bank. Great Lakes Home Solutions was able to keep working with the bank to find someone who could make a decision. The original loan was for $140,000 which we could never have sold the house for. Great Lakes Home Solutions and Erin Cramer (Realtor) found a buyer for our home. The bank netted $58,400. Our total debt wiped out was over $81,000. Thank you so much.”

Jeff and Tammy, Kalamazoo, Michigan


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