Bank Burgles Bird While Current On Payments

Bank Burgles Bird While Current On Payments

I just read an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about a woman who had her home foreclosed on by Bank of America. No big surprises there, since foreclosure rates are through the roof – but this story has a twist. Angela Ianelli of Hampton, PA wasn’t late on her payments. Oops!

The article says that Ms. Ianelli came home one day to find herself locked out of the house by Snyder Property Services, a “property preservation” company. When she finally got in, what she found was not pretty. Her carpets and furniture had been damaged, her water and electrical lines had been cut, and her home had been winterized. Worst of all, her parrot, Luke, was M.I.A. Now, this one hits close to home. I have two birds of my own, and would be devastated if they were taken from me! (Though, I can image the culprit would be trying to give them back pretty quickly – not everyone can handle the incessant squawking.)

When Ms. Ianelli tried to contact Bank of America, they did what they do best – gave her the ‘ol runaround. It wasn’t until a week later that they admitted their mistake. Only then did they tell her where she could find her parrot – a mere two hours away. Ms. Ianelli has since hired a lawyer, and I’m sure this story is far from over.

Unfortunately, this is an often occurrence, only it usually isn’t a mistake. Millions of families are behind on their mortgages, and the banks are taking action. They want their money, and they’re ruthless about it. If you’ve realized that you can no longer afford to stay in your house and are facing a Michigan foreclosure, give Emily a call. You have better options than letting the bank’s henchman raid your home!


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