Can I Negotiate the Short Sale for Myself?

I was called by a seller facing a Michigan foreclosure yesterday who had been told by a mortgage person that she does not need a third party to do a short sale for her, she can do it herself. She wanted to know why she should work with us.

Let me tell you, like we told her, the top three reasons why you should get us involved:

  • The closing rate national average for sellers or REALTORS® negotiating Short Sales is about 10% while ours is almost 80%.
  • Our negotiators have over 10 years experience negotiating Short Sales. One of them does nothing else 8+ hours a day besides negotiate.
  • You will never pay us a fee.

Yes, you are perfectly capable of calling the bank and asking for the short sale yourself. Before you do, ask yourself:

  • Do you want to do this? Do you want to sit on hold, get passed from person to person, be submitted to degrading remarks by customer service people who are trained to get you to pay anything they can get you to pay?
  • Do you have time to call the bank? Most people are busy with jobs and kids during lenders hours and don’t have 30-60 minutes to sit on the phone waiting to be told nothing is new. Not just one day but multiple days.
  • Will you understand what the lender tells you and know what to do if obstacles are put in your path? One gentleman told me yesterday that he called the lender about a short sale and was told the loan had been written off and the bank would accept nothing less than a full payoff. He didn’t know what to do. Our negotiators know what to do in this situation so the short sale does not die.

Yes, it may look easy when you watch trained professionals like our negotiators talk to a lender about a short sale. It may even sound easy when you break down the basic steps. However the professionals always make the talent they have perfected look easy. Doesn’t mean I want to perform surgery on myself if I ever need it!

If you decide to try negotiating the short sale on your own, or have your REALTOR® do it, I wish you the best of luck. If you’d like to see if you are eligible for us to do it for you, give Emily a call and discuss what is right for you and how we can help you get back to better times.


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