Can You Believe They Didn’t Call Me?!?

Can You Believe They Didn’t Call Me?!?

Isn’t it funny how little we really know the people in our lives sometimes? Or how little time we spend really taking an interest? In the last month I’ve talked with two different friends who have gone through the foreclosure process – sheriff’s sale, repossession, the whole bit. You know what they both said to me? I wish I would’ve known there were other ways to get out of my situation.

Well HELLO! I’m the one who spends the majority of the time on the phone with lenders at Great Lakes Home Solutions negotiating the short sales for our team!

In the first instance, the foreclosure happened before we were acquainted, but in the second instance, the foreclosure happened only a few months ago. Hearing that made me feel awful, like I’d failed this person. You see, we don’t have the sort of friendship wherein we talk about work. That was my reason for not knowing – it won’t be an excuse going forward. I realized that we at GLHS have an answer, a possible solution to the foreclosure problem so many people in Michigan are experiencing. So often I think we wait for the phone to ring, but do we have a responsibility to get our message out? When it comes to people I know personally, yes, without a doubt, I have a responsibility to at least offer a solution. It’s my duty as a friend or acquaintance to offer this life preserver to someone who’s drowning financially.

If you’re someone who’s looking for answers or know someone who might, give us a call today. Give us the chance to offer our life preserver and to get our message out so we can get them back to better times faster.


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