Can Your Attic Stop Your Michigan Foreclosure?

Can Your Attic Stop Your Michigan Foreclosure?

I recently read a story online detailing how Superman (yes, the comic book superhero) helped save a family in foreclosure. Yes, really!

This particular family (who wish to remain anonymous), having been in default for quite a while and anticipating foreclosure followed by eviction, had begun packing up their belongings. During the move preparation, they discovered a box in their attic, long forgotten, full of comic books that had belonged to another family member. Inside the box, they found Action Comic #1, which, for all of you who – like me – aren’t comic book aficionados, is a very rare comic book. It is the debut of Superman, and it is in fact the most valuable of its kind. Experts estimated its worth at a quarter of a million dollars – a sum large enough to bail the family out, allowing them to keep the house.

Unfortunately, most moving situations aren’t as serendipitous – most people cannot count on something like this happening. No Superman swoops in to save the house. If you’re in a similar situation and need a more practical, realistic solution rather than hoping for a superhero, give us a call today.


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