Do You Know What You Want To Do About That Pending Michigan Foreclosure?

Do You Know What You Want To Do About That Pending Michigan Foreclosure?

Yesterday I talked to a seller (let’s call him Tim) who had done his homework more than anyone else I ever talked to.  He had been all over our website (, this BLOG and other foreclosures websites.  He had researched the value of the house at and knew he owed more than the house was worth and that he was upside down (or underwater as the media likes to call it).  He had researched rental properties in his area and knew he could not rent it for as much as he needed to cover his monthly mortgage payment + taxes + insurance (not to mention repairs and other expenses of being a landlord).  He was ready to just get out from under the burden of the house and from all that he had learned, he had decided we were the best people to help him do this.

Most people who call us haven’t done this much research.   They realize they can no longer afford their house payment and that is about it.  They don’t know what their options are or where to turn to learn their options.  That’s why we are here.  We have been working with people facing Michigan foreclosures since 2005 and know lots of resources to point you to and options for you to consider.  I was even able to tell Tim a thing or two about the foreclosure process in Michigan that he hadn’t learned on his own.
If you are facing a Michigan foreclosure, you do not need to know what you want to do before you call us.  Let us help you figure out your goals and the best way to reach them.  We keep everything confidential and we never charge you a fee.  Give Emily a call whether you know what you want or not and let her help you get on your way back to better times.  Now that is something I know everyone wants!


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