Don’t Trust Everyone

Today I’m going to give all of the blog readers out there a tidbit of useful advice: Don’t trust your Michigan short sale to just anyone. I’ll tell you why…

Short sales are hard to do! They take a lot of frustrating phone calls, countless hours of your time, some serious negotiation ability, and some on-your-toes critical thinking skills. Not everyone has the time, patience, or skill to close a short sale deal.

Today I did a search on the local MLS to see exactly how many active short sale listings there are out there. The answer is a whopping 1,083! Just in the southwest Michigan area! I then did a search to see how many short sales sold in the last six months: a mere 200. Shocking!

I suppose that due to our much higher than average closing success rate (about 80%) it’s easy for us to forget how many people out there are struggling with their short sales. Many sellers are either trying to do them by themselves, or are using a possibly uninformed, unqualified REALTOR®. Sure, there are REALTORS® out there who are seasoned pros at this (many work with us!), but many aren’t very qualified. They try hard to sells houses and most are good at it. If they are working on a short sale, chances are they are trying their hardest to get it to go through. But all the trying in the world cannot make something work if you simply don’t know how or have the refined skills. We work with several great REALTORS® to try to make sure the house not only gets sold, but also gets an approved short sale. Have you watched Joel’s video on how to determine if your REALTOR® is qualified to do a short sale?

So before you trust your short sale to just anyone, give it some thought. Hopefully you’ll realize that our FREE, confidential services may be a great opportunity for you. Remember, Michigan short sales are all we do!


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