Don’t Be A Whimp

OK, I’m getting a little frustrated. I coach a lot of people on how to deal with their lender to enable to keep their house. Yes, we charge nothing for this, so I get to vent a little 🙂 so I’ll share my frustrations.

When you’re talking to these guys (the lenders) you’ve got to realize that you’re negotiating to keep your home! Act like it – be passionate! Keep bugging them until you get a commitment, or keep asking for a supervisor (or their boss, and their boss) until you find someone that will work with you to keep your home.

Remember, it’s just a job to these people, and if they want to leave at 5pm (or mail you a package), most will leave and lose your stuff by the next day. You need to take charge – period!

I’ll let you know what’s reasonable for the lenders to expect (as for as $$, paperwork, etc.) – you’ve simply got to keep following up. Do NOT sit around waiting for them to call you back, or waiting for mail or a fax. Actually, NEVER let them mail anything – it takes way too long. Have them fax it. Don’t have a fax? Someone that you know has one, or bite the bullet and have them send it to Kinko’s. Each day (and hour) that ticks by brings you that much closer to losing your house – take control!

Some people are upset with me because I won’t jump on the phone and negotiate for them (on occasions I have). Here’s my theory, if you’re passionate, you’ll do a much better job than I will because I’ll coach you. Some families have hired firms to negotiate for them. What a waste of money – don’t bother. They seldom are more success than you can be, plus, even if they offer your money back if they fail, everyone I’ve talk to that has tried them can not get their money back.

OK, I think I’m done venting now.


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