Falling House prices….Don’t worry

So you probably have heard by now that house prices have fallen significantly in the last year in Michigan (no surprise, I know). In fact, if you saw this story in the Detroit Free Press or heard this story on the Southwest Michigan news you also know that foreclosures continue to plaque Michigan.

The ironic part of all this to me is that the agencies and options for helping people keep their houses gets all the attention in the news. The cold hard facts are that many people can not keep their house because:

  • they have missed too many payments to qualify for a refinance
  • as these above articles point out, there’s no equity in their house, and there needs to be a little bit to refinance
  • their hardship is not over and they can’t afford or qualify for a work out with their lender
  • they just want out from under the burden of a stressful situation

The only remaining option is to sell their house and after reading all the news about falling house prices and rising inventory that sounds just about hopeless.

Well, I am here to tell you it is not hopeless. We work with lenders every day, getting them to accept less than what is owed on your house so it can sell in Michigan’s housing market today. This is what we specialize in and do every day (called a “short sale“). In fact, at the end of October, we had been to the closing table 6 times.  Meaning 6 houses we have helped successfully sell with a short sale, in October alone.

So stop fretting over all the bad news and take action today. We can’t help everyone and the sooner you contact us the better chance we can do something to help you. We will work harder than anyone to get you back to better times and we keep all your information confidential. Oh….and there is never a fee to you. Now isn’t that some good news for a change!


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