What exactly do you guys do?

See the “about us” page: http://www.stopmichiganforeclosure.com/blog/about/

I’ve emailed you and you didn’t answer back, why?

Sometimes your email gets eaten by our spam filter. Please try again. More than likely, we did answer but our emailed ended up in your junk mail or spam folder. See this post for what to do.

How do you get paid?

Sometimes we don’t, and that’s OK. If you want to keep the house, we’ll explain your options to you at no charge, it’s just the right thing to do, and we know them all (we have to in this business).

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve had a long term financial hardship (death of a spouse, loss of job, disability, divorce, etc.) and can no longer afford your payments and want to get out from under your house without long term consequences. You probably also owe more than what your house is worth in this poor real estate market. In those cases, we will attempt to get your lender(s) to take less that what you owe (called a “short sale”) so you can sell your house. Even in this case, you will never pay us as we’ll get paid by the buyer, Realtor® or your lender.

Will my lender accept a short sale?

That’s a BIG “depends”. It depends on who your lender is, the underlying investor, where they are in the foreclosure process, how your PMI company is, how many loans are on the house, and several other factors.

Is it any wonder Realtors® have only a 10% success rate? Have no worries though, a quick phone call to us is all that it will take for us to tell you if a short sale is possible in your situation.

I’m really upside-down on my house, just how big of a discount will my lender take?

Much bigger than you can imagine! Check out this post for what Melissa “Bank Bully” Arp is capable of.

My house is about to be sold at a Michigan foreclosure sheriff sale.  Do I have a chance of selling it before the end of the redemption period?

Great question!  Of course there’s a chance it can sell! How big of a chance?  That’s answered here.

Why do you guys complete about 70%-80% of your short sales successfully while the national average for Realtors® is only 10%?

See this post that explains “why are you guys so good?

I need a Realtor® to help with a short sale and I live in an area that you don’t work in.  What questions do I ask a  Realtor® so I can tell if they’re qualified to negotiate my short sale?

This page has a video where Joel teaches you exactly what to ask.  Who better to answer this question about how qualified your Realtor is to negotiate your short sale besides Michigan’s premiere Short Sale Negotiator and Trainer?

How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Ability To Get A Loan?

It depends on the timing of the bankruptcy.  There’s four different ways you could time it and this post explains them.

Just how far will you folks go to help me and my family?  Above and beyond.


What are the biggest traps I should avoid when looking for options to stop a foreclosure?

This video covers how to avoid the 6 biggest foreclosures traps.

If my house already sold at the sheriff’s sale, how am I able to still sell it?

See this post for an explanation.

Which lenders do you work with?

Just about all of them. Here’s a small sample. Chances are, even if yours isn’t listed here, we still work with them:

5/3 Mortgage, ABN Amro, Accredited, AMC / Ameriquest, Chase, Citi, Countrywide, First Horizon, GMAC, Homecomings, HSBC, La Salle, National City, Option One, Popular Mortgage, Servicing, Select Portfolio, US Bank, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, Willshire

Where are you located and why can’t I find a street address on you?

We are located in Plainwell Michigan, about 15 miles North of Kalamazoo. We work out of a private office which is why we only use a PO Box. We meet people in their homes, or in most cases, we meet at title offices and real estate broker offices across the state.

What areas do you cover?

We cover almost the entire lower half of the lower peninsula of Michigan!

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