Get A Grip on Your Michigan Foreclosure

Get A Grip on Your Michigan Foreclosure

I’ve been negotiating for folks with late mortgage payments and personal heartache for a long time and Michigan has been especially hard hit. The good news is that there is “the other side” of your personal financial tragedy. Keep reminding yourself of that. You are only going through a problem and with some help, you don’t have to be there for very long.

The key is that your decisions today will affect your financial freedom and future of tomorrow. Making the right decisions is critical and hard to do when you are emotionally wrought. So take these steps to insure you are in the right frame of mind:

  1. Take a deep breath and walk away from the problem: If you have been up nights, losing sleep, pouring over numbers for hours and wringing your hands with worry, stop. Just breathe in and go do something else. Do not think about the problem. Watch TV, hugs your kids, take a nap. Now that you are refreshed…
  2. Shove all the bills out of the way and write this list: Make sure the bills are not in site, move them off your table and sit with a fresh piece of paper. Now make a list of everything you are grateful for. Do not dwell on negatives, only positives in your life.
  3. Get Accurate Knowledge to Arm Yourself: Uncle Fred at the Christmas party is not where to get your information about options regarding a Michigan Foreclosure or Short Sale. You need to know your rights and options that will protect you for your financial future. Call us, its free and we want to help. We’ve been helping homeowners and have all the proper and up to date knowledge of what you can and can’t do in your personal and specific situation. It’s confidential and we have helped thousands before you. One thing we can tell you for sure:



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