I Don’t Know If I Can Wait……

“I Don’t know if I can wait another 2 days!” That is what my 11 yr old nephew Joey told me on December 23rd. Joey gave me various versions of this statement over the next 48hrs, eventually counting down the hours to Christmas morning. Why? Well, because Joey knew that all kind of good things were going to happen Christmas morning! There was no doubt in Joey’s mind that Christmas was going to solve all his needs, wants and desires (mostly for more Legos).

This is the same kind of urgency you should feel about calling and meeting with Emily. If you are facing a Michigan Foreclosure, we can offer solutions that will get you back to better days and remove stress. Yes, it will take some work on your part, just like Joey had to work at being good – everyone knows that nothing comes free. Yes you will have to write letters and fill out financial statements just like Joey had to write letters to let Santa know what he wanted. Joey did all this willingly because again he believed and was focused on the reward. That is the key – believe in our team and focus on the brighter future we can help you achieve.

You too can be saying about your meeting with Emily: “I don’t know if I can wait…..”


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