If the Shoe fits…

If the Shoe fits…

As I am writing this, it is February in Michigan, and we just got 8” of snow. Not a great time for the zipper in my boots to totally pull out of the boot; especially since I rely on those boots 4 times a day when I take my dogs for a walk. No problem, I went to the shoe store to buy a new pair and learned that February is not the time to buy boots! I could have my choice of sandals, but boots can’t even be special ordered if the sales lady didn’t have something from their limited stock in my size. They tried to squeeze my size 11 foot into a size 10, but that only confirmed that I really needed a size 11. Then they tried a wide width on my narrow foot and while that might have been a short term fix as my foot slid around inside, we all agreed that wasn’t a good long term answer for a gal who would be wearing these floppy boots 2-3 miles/ day. So, now I am walking around in sneakers, hoping for an early spring and resolving to go buy a pair of boots in September when they are available again. Amazing!

I started to think about this on my walk this morning (wearing my sneakers and avoiding all deep snow) and it occurred to me that this is similar to what you run into when you are facing a Michigan foreclosure.

You are in financial distress and can’t make your house payment due to loss of income from job loss, death, divorce, health issues, etc. You go to the logical person to help – your lender. The lender tries to fit you into a program that is more designed to benefit the lender than you! If you find something that you think might be able to work (like a loan modification), you try it out for a while. However, you end up like the vast majority of sellers and soon fail and are back looking at options again.

The situation is different when you call us. We have no program to try to fit you into. We will listen to your situation, suggest options and help you figure out what is best for you based on your goals. If you are ready to just get out from under the burden of the debt on the house, we have one of the best records in Michigan for successfully negotiating short sales and getting you back to happier days. There is never a cost to you and we keep all your information confidential. Give Emily a call today and let us help you get “happy feet” again.


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