“I’m Calling Everyone”

I hear that a lot. As in “everyone” found on the web, or that sent me mail, or that my friends/family told me to call.

At the end of the call, they usually say “I’m so glad I called you; I wish I would have started with you; you are so honest; I don’t need to keep making more calls to help solve my foreclosure with my Michigan house”.

Case in point: Amy in Grand Rapids called last week with an amazing hardship which included her being taken advantage of by Realtors®, lenders and builders in the last year. When listening to her story I found it hard to believe she could possible trust anyone ever again. But sure enough, I tend to have that affect on people – they just get that warm fuzzy and know we’ll take care of them.

Amy seemed to want promises that we could help “for sure”. Of course anyone that promises & guarantees anything with real estate, but especially regarding short sales is simply blowing smoke. There’s just way too much out of their control. I refuse to make a promise based on things I can’t control. Amy talked to one investor/Realtor® who guaranteed he would sell the house and get her lender to take a short sale. Of course she realized that was an empty promise and was very thankful she called our team.

The moral? Need the truth and a big “Mom” hug – give me a call, you’ll be glad you did as we’ll get to work to get you back to better times ASAP.


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