Is It Too Late For Me?

It seems like lately, we are getting contacted a lot by people we talked to months ago – trying to stop their Michigan Foreclosure. Back then, they were not ready to work with us for whatever reason. Their hardship was too overwhelming, they thought they had it worked out with the lender, etc. Now, they are coming back and saying “Is it too late to work with me?”

The answer is “…… it depends”…

It depends on where you are in the foreclosures process.
It depends on what has happened with your hardship since we last talked.
It depends on what the lender has done since we last talked – have they gotten someone in your house?

Every situation is unique and has its own nuances and issues. If the lender has gone ahead with the foreclosure (sheriff) sale, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is too late. Sometimes there are more options after the foreclosure sale and sometimes fewer. The only way to find out if we can still help you is to call us and ask.

We are still here and there is still never a fee when you work with us. We will be working hard as Michigan’s #1 Foreclosure Solution and Short Sale Team to help someone – it might as well be you.


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