Is Who You Know Important?

I got a call from Mike who was behind on his house payments yesterday and like many, facing a Michigan foreclosure on his house.  Yep, me!  Not Emily (“Mom”), Joel (“Fix It”) or Melissa (“Bank Bully”).  We’re all perfectly capable of filling in when Emily and Joel are tied up.

The other unusual thing about this call was that Mike worked for the lender who had started foreclosure proceedings against him (National City).  He had managed to stall the foreclosure previously with the help of people he knew at work.  Even with this inside track, they had still eventually started foreclosure since they weren’t getting paid.

Now he was calling us for help and had lost valuable time.  He was amazed that we had better contacts at National City than he did, even though he worked there!

You may not know someone with an inside track at your bank, but you know us.  If you have spent any time reading our blog and watching our videos, I’m sure you know we are real people who will work harder than anyone to help.  Give us a call now. Don’t let valuable time pass by.


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