It Can Happen … But Don’t Count On It

Every once in a while, especially around the holiday season, you read a heart warming story like this one where a couple facing a Michigan foreclosure due to a hardship are saved by receiving donations from caring people.

As much as I like reading good news in the paper for a change, I can also read between the lines and tell you that unless this couple does something fast, this solution is only temporary. Something has to be done about the medical bills and the high mortgage that is causing the problem in order for them to have a long term solution. Otherwise, next month’s mortgage will be due and they will be back facing foreclosure when the donations dry up. Maybe they need to just sell the house and start over in something more affordable – tough decision but sometimes it is the only way, especially if the hardship of the medical bills can not be solved easily.

Be encouraged by this story, but also be realistic if you are facing a hardship. Unless you are a high profile case like this couple, don’t expect people to give you money to bail you out. In fact, just about every day families call us for help with keeping their homes. When we ask if there are any friends, family, organizations that can help them, they say “no one has any money”.

Of course, most people are facing Michigan foreclosures during a stressful time in their life, and that is where talking to someone who is not emotionally involved can help you think through your options clearly. Give Emily “Mom” a call. After all, it always helped to talk through your problems and options with “Mom” didn’t it?


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