Lightning Does the Work

Lightning Does the Work

I was out running errands yesterday and heard a song from Chad Brock called “Lightning Does the Work”. I’ve probably heard it at least 40 times, but this time was different. I was singing along off key and it suddenly hit me- this song describes our Great Lakes Home Solutions team.

Having worked in the real estate industry for about 11 years I’ve heard many people claim that they know all about short sales and can get them negotiated without any problem and that they’re even easy. I’m here to say that they’re all wrong. In the lyrics of the song Chad sings “Thunder’s just a noise, boys, lightnin’ does the work”. I like to think of us at GLHS as the lightning. While others are busy talking about how much they know; we’re busy closing short sales (usually 3 to 8 per month). I know I’m tooting our own horn, but I think we deserve it. With an 85% success rate over the last 6 months, how can we not. If you’re looking for a team that is dedicated to helping you sell your house and stop your Michigan Foreclosure, give us a call.


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