Make That Call! – More Testimonials Of Families Who Are Glad They Did

There are many reasons people have financial hardships and face a Michigan foreclosure. Whatever the reason that you are behind on your payment, give us a call and we will help you understand your options.  We understand it can be hard to make that first call.  Here are some folks who did call us and are glad they did.

I try to keep up with posting testimonials here on this blog and also here, but sometimes I just can’t stay caught up. So, I’m taking this time to publish several of the last few months to give you a feel for the families we’ve been able to help out.

If you want to be next, it’s obvious you’re not alone, so give us a call – before you know it, you could be sitting at a closing, with the weight of your lender (and the world) off your back.

I had perfect credit to start. The housing market took a dive, my relationship broke apart, and I was left trying to make it in this economy. I tried everything I could think of to get help. Banks, government, letters from the mail stating they could help. Nothing worked. I could not refinance, did not qualify for a government loan, I owed more on the house than it’s worth. I went through 4 realtors and my house was on the market for 30 months. My last realtor told me to call Great Lakes Home Solutions. I did and as of now it was my best move so far. My house sold on short sale and as of now I do not have to pay the difference to the bank. They settled everything for me and I did not have to get involved. I must thank them for everything.

John, Portage, Michigan

We were forced to relocate out of state because we are in the military & were recommended to talk to Great Lakes Home Solutions.  Due to the current economy, and only owning our home for four years, we were very “upside down” on our mortgage.  All of the people we worked with at Great Lakes Home Solutions were very friendly, thorough and made us feel very comfortable with our decision to try to short sale our home.  Once we were out of state, they kept us updated on status and made it very easy to complete the short sale.  Thank you very much for everything!

Brent & Cori, Ravenna, Michigan

I would recommend Great Lakes Home Solutions to anyone needing a short sale to sell their home. After finding myself with reduced hours at work I needed to sell my home. GLHS was very friendly and helpful. Not only did GLHS move quickly to buy my home, they helped negotiate the elimination of $68,000 owed.

Richard, Wyoming, Michigan


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