Michigan Foreclosure Headlines

Michigan Foreclosure Headlines

Seems like the news is full of stories about Michigan foreclosure again these days as Michigan legislators try to push through new legislation to fight the foreclosure fraud created by robo-signers and other questionable lender practices. Even if you don’t sit down and read a paper or watch the news, it is still hard to escape the headlines that scream at you from billboards, computers, newsstands, commercials and other unsuspecting places. All this negative news about how foreclosure processes have been handled can create a high level of concern and confusion if you are facing a Michigan Foreclosure and don’t know who to believe and what to do.

To let you know that there is hope and there are people you can trust and believe, we thought we would share some headlines from homeowner we have helped.

“Thanks to the compassion and understanding of my situation,… took a very rough situation and handled all of my stress” Debbie, Scotts

“After my first visit, I felt relief. They were very professional and courteous”. Todd, Mattawan

“… helped me through the entire process and explained the process thoroughly”. Jerry, Kalamazoo

“They worked very closely & professionally with me, keeping me updated weekly on what was happening and saved me from having to deal with the bank….” Sue, Onekama

“…helped us move forward with our lives and start fresh.” Erin & Kevin, West Bloomfield

“We thank them for making the process virtually painless.” Amy & Steve Mecosta

“Knowing that a team of competent professionals was helping us to come to a resolution with our lender allowed us to move forward.” Shana & Charles, Caledonia

If you are behind on your house payments and facing a Michigan Foreclosure, give us a call. We will never charge you anything, we will keep all your information confidential and we will work harder than anyone to help get you back to better times. Make your own headlines and give us a call today!


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