Michigan Foreclosure Help Is Out There

Michigan Foreclosure Help Is Out There

Recently, we spent a couple hours with the wonderful folks from Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services, who among other things, work with distressed homeowners facing a Michigan foreclosure. We met because we each use different methods for helping distressed homeowners and we wanted to learn how we could work together to help more people. As we talked, we learned that, they are a lot like us.

  • They do not charge the homeowner for their service.
  • They serve a wide area (despite their name, they help more than Kalamazoo area homeowners).
  • They have a dedicated, experienced, trained staff ready to provide you with education, information and options if you are facing a Michigan foreclosure.

They are also HUD certified housing counselors. This should give you the confidence boost you need to take action if you are leery about just calling anyone, but you realize you need help. Help is out there, and all you need to do is reach out to it.

Whatever your situation, taking action is key. Get educated. Learn your options. Give KNHS a call or give us a call. We will keep everything confidential and we will not put you in a worse situation. Get help today!


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