Mind Games Lenders Play

Mind Games Lenders Play

My mind keeps playing tricks on me. Little things keep happening that I don’t remember doing. For example, I went to walk the dogs yesterday and couldn’t find 1 dog’s collar. Then I found 2 collars on the other dog. I don’t remember putting both collars on her. This morning we returned from our walk and were locked out of the house! I don’t remember locking the door behind me and no one else was in the house. I am sure I am responsible for these silly little events as I get so lost in my own thoughts that I unconsciously do things without thinking.

I am sure that if you are part of a family who is struggling with a hardship and facing a Michigan foreclosure, you may feel like your lender is playing mind games with you. You can call one day and be told to submit certain information and call back a few days later and they either did not receive it or need you to submit something entirely different. Or you call and are told one thing is going to happen and call back again another day and get told something totally different.

The good news is that you probably are not losing your mind. It can be very frustrating dealing with a lender, especially when you don’t know who to call, what to ask and what to expect. I’m not telling you not to try. I just want to suggest that you should have someone who has experience dealing with the lenders call for you. Someone who has phone numbers that work, and knows what to ask and how to respond to information; someone who has time to sit on hold for 30+ minutes and call back daily, or several times a day if necessary.

That someone is us! We have been working with lenders on behalf of sellers since 2005. In addition to having phone numbers and scripts and procedures, we also have a network of other people like us that we can turn to for help if we get stuck. They often have a phone number or a contact that can help us. Give us a call and unload the burden of dealing with the bank onto our capable shoulders. We will not charge you a fee and we keep everything confidential. We will keep you updated on our progress and move your situation along without you having to sit on hold. Let us go to work for you so you can get back to better times.


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