More Reasons To Be Thankful – Join Them Soon!

More Reasons To Be Thankful – Join Them Soon!
During this season of giving thanks, we wanted to share with you some reasons folks who were (past tense) facing a Michigan Foreclosure are thankful. Give us a call today and join their ranks! Want to read more testimonials from thankful sellers? Try here on this blog and also here.

Thank you, Joel, and all of your hardworking staff &efforts on my behalf. Your staff has been compassionate and understanding as I went through this heart wrenching and difficult time. I struggled financially and emotionally to the point where I could see no end. The light in the tunnel was turned on by you and your staff as you worked to resolve with my lenders. Due to the economic difficulties our country is in, my forced retirement could not have come at a worse time adding to the struggle. Again, you have provided me the ability to move on with the negotiated amount of debt wiped out of about $150,000 and the peace of mind. A thank you seems so small.

Jennifer, Fowlerville, Michigan

It was very nice to have someone else handle the phone calls and negotiations with the banks. Thanks to Great Lakes Home Solutions for their help during this stressful time.

David and Kelly, Battle Creek, Michigan

GLHS was very helpful during the entire process. The team was great to work with and the communication was incredible. GLHS made a not so pleasant situation easy to handle. Thank you for all you have done.

Spring, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Great lakes Home Solutions has taken a great weight ($230,000) off myself and my wife’s shoulders. They are very professional and courteous to us always. There was no work or effort on our part as Great Lakes took care of everything. God bless and thank you very much.

Doug and Wilma, Dowling, Michigan

Due to our large cut in income and the housing market taking a huge plunge we could no longer afford our home. We owed way more than we could sell our house for and became very uneasy. We talked to Great Lakes Home Solutions and they made us feel very comfortable and confident they could help us. They took away all of the negotiations with the mortgage company so we didn’t have to deal with it. They were able to reduce our mortgage debt from 264k down to 129k and in the end we didn’t have to pay a dime. We are very thankful we found Great Lakes Home Solutions as they made the whole process very easy for us. Thank you.

Cliff and Dinah, Climax, Michigan

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