Move Day

I’m up early today since it’s the Big Move Day.  We’ve outgrown our current office and are moving into a place just down the road that has much more space.  We’ve simply ran out of room in our current office and have no room for our newest team member Holly.  I’ll get information up on the blog about Holly within a couple of weeks.

During these tough economical times with house values falling and people losing their jobs, short sales have become the most popular choice for sellers and lenders alike.  Over the last 6 months we’ve had to almost double our staff to keep up with the increased demand so we can help more families like you.

So today we get to finish packing all the boxes, move our computers and phone systems (but we’re still set up to take calls all day) and then unpack.  Of course we’ll have the long weekend to work out any bugs.

Next week we’ll be up and running at our new location and our newest teammate!


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