Myth Busting: “The Michigan Sheriff Sale”

Myth Busting: “The Michigan Sheriff Sale”

I attended the Kalamazoo County (Michigan) Sheriff Sale (foreclosure auction) today for the first time in over a year. It seemed fitting to blog about common questions concerning the Sheriff Sale to dispel some myths. When a person gets behind on their house payment and is facing a Michigan Foreclosure, they will eventually get a foreclosure letter from an attorney notifying them that a sheriff sale has been scheduled. This notice is also taped to the front door and also published for 4-5 weeks in a county newspaper.

Myth Bust #1: “I can’t remove the Michigan Foreclosure notice taped to the front door”. You are breaking no law by removing it. I recommend you take it down and save it because it is full of useful information on who the foreclosing attorney is (in case you need to contact them), your file number, when the sheriff sale is taking place, and where, the balance of the mortgage, and much more.

Myth Bust #2: “The auction takes place at the house”. I hear many sighs of relief when I tell homeowners this is not true because they were picturing the horror of the auction taking place in the front yard for all the neighbors to see. This is not like an estate auction. The sheriff sale will most likely take place at a county building, usually the county courthouse. Consult the foreclosures notice for all the details of where and when the auction will occur, including the time.

Myth Bust #3: “After the sheriff sale, the sheriff will come and kick me out of the house”. Not true. Nor do you need to be moved out by the day of the sheriff sale. Michigan has a redemption period. Read your foreclosures notice to see how long your redemption period is – it will usually be 6 months. Your bank may get tricky and try to rob you and shorten it to 30 days (which we can help with). During the redemption period you have the right to use (live, rent, etc) the house. Consult an attorney to fully understand your rights.

Myth Bust #4: “Once a sheriff sale is set, it is ‘game over’”. Sheriff sales can be postponed for a number of reasons. This is where we can help, especially if you want to sell the house and get out from under the debt. We can negotiate with your lender so the house can sell and we will also negotiate to get the sheriff sale postponed to buy more time. However, time is of the essence because it takes time to get the sheriff sale postponed. The sooner we start the greater chance we have of being successful at getting the sale postponed and saving you the embarrassment of that public notice.

If you have a sheriff sale date set, call us immediately. If you don’t have a sheriff sale date set yet, give us a call now anyway. Let us give you the information you need to understand the situation and your options. We can help you dispel the myth that you can’t do anything. You can take control and get back to better days.


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