Octomom Facing Foreclosure

Octomom Facing Foreclosure

Many of us may have heard of the pseudo-celebrity dubbed “Octomom” (her real name is Nadya Suleman). Octomom gained notoriety a year or two ago when she gave birth to octuplets, increasing the number of her children to 14; she had previously given birth to sextuplets.

If you follow celebrity news, you may have heard that Nadya Suleman is facing foreclosure.  Now, in some ways, hers is a very different situation than that of most homeowners – her income is derived mostly from publicity, interviews, and public appearances, whereas the rest of us have far more traditional jobs. Also, her mortgage is reportedly held privately, so she has no huge conglomerate bank to deal with.

In spite of these differences, she is a mother trying to provide for her children, and in that way, she has something in common with many sellers facing a Michigan foreclosure. My point is this: if foreclosure can happen to those who are famous – or infamous – it can happen to anyone. No one is immune to this “Michigan foreclosure epidemic”. If you are facing a Michigan foreclosure, you are certainly not alone. But you do have options. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you get back to better times.


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