One Way To Not Sell Your House

I recently saw asked a REALTOR® (not one of ours!) how things were going with one of his listings.  it went like this…

“I haven’t talked to the seller in 2 months” he said.

“2 Months? Must be you aren’t getting a lot of showings” I said

“We haven’t had any, it is priced way too high but that is what they need to pay off their debt” he said.

“Sounds like you may need a short sale” I said.

Now I don’t know for sure that this seller is a good candidate for a Michigan short sale or not.. However, I do know that if your house has been listed for more than 2-3 weeks without a showing, then it is priced too high.

I would also say if your REALTOR® has not talked to you in 2 weeks (let alone 2 months, good grief), you need a new REALTOR®. A good REALTOR® will be constantly updating you on progress and suggesting adjustments. If you want to know other ways to judge a how well a REALTOR® will do with your short sale, see this video.

How do you figure out if you need a Michigan short sale, make sure your house is priced correctly and that you have a good REALTOR® ? One way is to talk to us. Especially if you are facing a Michigan foreclosure, selling your house is a time sensitive matter. You don’t have time for trial and error now do you? Give us a call and not only will we help you with your short sale as much as possible, we will put you in touch with our whole team of people, including REALTROS®, who can help you get your house sold and get back to better times.


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