Patience of Saints

This week we got an email from “Jeff”. Our team was negotiating a short sale for Jeff when his financial situation changed for the better. He decided to attempt a loan modification with his lenders and cancel the short sale (despite the 6% success rate).

Jeff had been having some trouble getting through to someone who could help him or tell him anything definite about his options, so he decided to contact us in the hopes that we could help point in him the right direction.

I was able to quickly tell him which department to call and what to tell that department when he did call. After he’d tried the number I gave him, his email back to me read, “I don’t know how you guys can handle talking to banks day in and day out. I get so frustrated, mainly because I get absolutely nowhere when I call. And this was after you gave me the right number to call and told me exactly what to say! You guys must have the patience of saints…”

I’ve never thought of myself as particularly saintly, but I got to thinking about what he’d written. Many lenders are so huge and have so many departments that navigating through the maze of their phone system is difficult for me, and I’ve been doing this for three and a half years! I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have to figure that out as a first time caller.

If you find yourself needing a short sale and don’t have the patience of a saint, give us a call, and let us handle the navigation of your lender’s phone system…and the short sale for you.


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