Please Don’t Argue With Me

Yesterday I talked to a gal in Jackson who could not decide what to do with her house. Countrywide (her lender) would not work with her, her house has declined in value by about $30k since she refinanced it and she wanted to sell it.

The likely solution was to team up with us to get a short sale accomplished to stop the foreclosure that was just a few months away.

Why did I choose this title to this post? Because she would not listen to me! Every time I explained how the short sale process worked, she would disagree with me. Come on, this is all our team does – I know the process, I know what Countrywide will and won’t do, and I know how to get it done (70-80% of the time we are successful).

I’d hate to be venting on my first post to our blog, but honestly, if you call me for help, please don’t argue with me. Whether you want to keep or sell, no one else you find will understand all of your options better than I will.


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