Please Tell Your Realtor

Yesterday I talked to one seller who hasn’t told his Realtor® he is 4 months behind on his loan. I talked to a Realtor® yesterday also  (different house) about his listing that was in a Michigan foreclosure and he didn’t know it. WOW!

OK, let’s get this straight – please! If you decide to work with a Realtor® that is not part of our team (who’ve we’ve trained the correct way to work short sales), you need to at least watch this video and learn how to qualify your Realtor® to be sure he/she knows how to negotiate short sales.  And, before you sign the listing agreement PLEASE let him know if you are behind on payments or facing a Michigan foreclosure.

You need to give her an opportunity to help you. Also, don’t feel you’re locked into a listing. Any broker (the Realtor’s® “boss”) will release a distressed seller from a listing when better options are available to them. Be honest, tell her what’s going on, get her opinion, and get the opinion of someone who specializes (full time) in foreclosures (um, that would be our team). Shameless plug? Yeah, I know but hey, where else are you going to turn for the truth about foreclosure in Michigan?


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