Postponing the Inevitable

Postponing the Inevitable

Now that summer is upon us, my dogs love to go swimming in the lake. However, they hate being dried off afterwords. I won’t allow them back in the house until they are semi-dry so it becomes a battle of wills. I pull out the towels and they run away, postponing the inevitable. Sometimes it becomes a game (to them anyway) with me chasing them around the garage jumping over obstacles while they gleefully run away. Eventually, hunger or the search for affection and companionship will pull them inside and they will have to endure the towel drying to get to their food or other goal.

We see a lot of people facing a Michigan Foreclosure go through a similar mental process. They want to avoid the pain of the foreclosure, so they may declare bankruptcy. I am not an attorney, but my experience has been that all the bankruptcy does for them is postpone the inevitable foreclosure. Yes, it makes your lender jump through a few more hoops to proceed with the foreclosure. However, eventually, they will do all the right legal things to be able to proceed. I have never seen a bankruptcy permanently stop a foreclosure.

If you are in a distressed financial situation and are considering bankruptcy, seek competent advice. My experience is that it probably is not worth pursuing the bankruptcy unless you have debt other than the house that a bankruptcy can help you with. If the house is your sole financial burden, give us a call and see what alternatives we can suggest. We can help you define your goals and find the best course of action for your situation. We will never charge you a fee and we promise not to put you in a worse. Give Emily a call today and stop postponing the inevitable and start working toward a permanent solution to your Michigan foreclosure.


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