Preparing to Sell The House – Part 1 of 2

Ok, you’ve realized you can’t keep your house due to a hardship that isn’t going away. But you may fear you can’t sell it either because of the down market we have right now in Michigan.

While we can’t help make your hardship go away so you can stay in the house and stop the pending Michigan foreclosure, we can help you sell the house in this market. We will hook you up with an experienced Realtor (one of our Elite Agents who know how to make things happen. However, they will need help & cooperation from you to attract a buyer.

This BLOG post is part one of two with tips you can do to help your house sell. After reading this post and part 2 next week, I am sure you will want to know more. We can hook you up with one of our Elite Realtors to find a buyer and we will negotiate your short sale. Give us a call so we can get working on this with you.

Showing the House to Potential Buyers
Your house should always be available to show, even though it may occasionally be inconvenient for you. Let your listing agent put a lock box in a convenient place, to make it easy for other agents to show the house to buyers. Otherwise, agents will have to schedule appointments, which is an inconvenience. Most will just skip your house to show the house to someone else who is more cooperative. Yes, it can be inconvenient, but not nearly as devastating as a Michigan foreclosure.

Most agents will call and give you at least a couple of hours notice before showing your property. If you refuse to let them show it at that time, they will just skip your house. Even if they come back another time, it will probably be with different buyers and you may have just lost a chance to sell the house.

Why You Should Not Be At The House
Buyers will feel like intruders if you are at the house when they visit, and they might not be as receptive toward viewing the house. Visit the local coffee house, yogurt shop, or take the kids to the local park. If you absolutely cannot leave, try to remain in an out of the way area of the house and do not move from room to room. Do not volunteer any information, but do answer any questions the agent may ask.

When you know someone is coming by to tour the house, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights – even during the day. At night, a lit house gives a “homey” impression when viewed from the street. During the daytime, turning on the lights prevents harsh shadows from sunlight and it brightens up any dim areas. Your house looks more homey and cheerful with the lights on.

Remember Why You Are Doing All of This – to get out from under and upside-down house, to avoid the nasty long-term affects of a Michigan Foreclosure, and to prevent your lender(s) from coming after you for what they lose on the house.

Next week – Part 2 (more tips)


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