Preparing To Sell The House – Part 2 of 2

Ok, you’ve realized you can’t keep your house due to a hardship that isn’t going away. But you may fear you can’t sell it either because of the down market we have right now in Michigan.

While we can’t help make your hardship go away so you can stay in the house and stop the pending Michigan foreclosure, we can help you sell the house in this market. We will hook you up with an experienced Realtor (one of our Elite Agents who know how to make things happen. However, they will need help & cooperation from you to attract a buyer.

This BLOG post is part two of two with tips you can do to help your house sell (click here for part one). After reading these two posts, I am sure you will want to know more. We can hook you up with one of our Elite Realtors to find a buyer and we will negotiate your short sale. Give us a call so we can get working on this with you.

Do not use scented sprays to prepare for visitors. It is too obvious and many people find the smells of those sprays offensive, not to mention that some may be allergic. If you want to have a pleasant aroma in your house, have a potpourri pot or something natural. Or turn on a stove burner for a moment and put a drop of vanilla extract on it. It will smell like you have been cooking.

Pet Control
If you have pets, make sure your listing agent puts a notice with your listing in the multiple listing service. The last thing you want is to have your pet running out the front door and getting lost. If you know someone is coming, it would be best to try to take the pets with you while the buyers tour the house. If you cannot do that, It is best to keep dogs in a penned area in the back yard. Try to keep indoor cats in a specific room when you expect visitors, and put a sign on the door. Most of the time, an indoor cat will hide when buyers come to view your property, but they may panic and try to escape.

The Kitchen Trash
Especially if your kitchen trash can does not have a lid, make sure you empty it every time someone comes to look at the house– even if your trash can is kept under the kitchen sink. Remember that you want to send a positive image about every aspect of the house. Kitchen trash does not send a positive message. You may go through more plastic bags than usual, but it will be worth it.

Keeping the House Tidy and Neat
Not everyone makes his or her bed every day, but when selling a house it is recommended that you develop the habit. Pick up papers, do not leave empty glasses in the family room, keep everything freshly dusted and vacuumed. Try your best to have it look like a model home – a home with furniture but nobody really lives there.

Remember Why You Are Doing All of This – to get out from under and upside-down house, to avoid the nasty long-term affects of a Michigan Foreclosure, and to prevent your lender(s) from coming after you for what they lose on the house.


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