Saved from the Icy Depths!

Saved from the Icy Depths!

I was walking one February afternoon with my dogs along the lake. One of the dogs walked out a dock and was sniffing around. This didn’t concern me too much until suddenly, splash, she had jumped off the dock onto the ice and crashed through the ice. In a blink of the eye, she was flailing around in the ice cold water. She managed to pull her front end up onto the ice, but could not pull her back end out of the water. Fortunately, I could walk out the dock, reach under her stomach and pull her up onto the ice. She was fine and after we dried her off and warmed her up, seemed no worse for her icy plunge.

It made me wonder how many distressed sellers facing a Michigan foreclosure feel like they have taken an icy plunge. First, it is numbing to deal with job loss, divorce, disability, death or some other hardship that caused them to get behind on their house payments. Then, they can feel frozen with fear and indecision not sure what is their options are and what’s going to happen to them. This is especially true if they start getting harassing collection calls from creditors or letters from attorneys threatening foreclosure.

Fortunately, we are standing near-by ready to throw you a life-line in the form of information, education and help. We will help you figure out what your goals are and the best options to get you there. We will never charge you any fees. We will always keep your information confidential. We will not put you in a worse situation. Let us pull you out of the cold waters of despair and get you back to better times.  It starts with a simple phone call.


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