Short Sale Basics 101

This article “Meltdown 101: What is a Short Sale of a Home?” does a pretty good job of answering commonly asked questions about short sales. If you are facing a Michigan foreclosure or know someone who is, this information will help educate you on “short sales” which are one of the most useful, and often misunderstood tools available to help get a homeowner back to better times.

I want to zero in on the last 2 questions in the article.

Why is the process so complicated and why does it take so long? The writer does a good job of naming the common pitfalls with short sales. These errors are made by inexperienced homeowners and REALTORS® trying to do a short sale with no training. Trust me, with more than 10years experience and 100s of short sale approvals, our negotiators know the right paperwork to submit and who to submit it to so your short sale gets attention and is not kicked back or neglected. Plus, they follow up unrelentlessly.

And talk about being educated about short sales.  Joel, our President and lead negotiator/closer as the only State of Michigan Approved continuing education course for REALTORS® that’s taught by a full time short sale negotiator.  REALTORS® are coming to him to learn from “The Master” on how to get close to our 80% success rate (vs. the 10% national average).

What should I do if I am interested in a short sale? That’s easy – call us. We do nothing but short sales. We have a trained and dedicated staff waiting to help you evaluate your options and negotiate your short sale if that is the right answer for you.

While this article gave you the 101 basics of short sales, our team has a graduate degree in short sales and we are ready to work for you. Give us a call today.


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