Short Sale Education & Training

Short Sale Education & Training

Joel & I just got back from a Short Sale training event in Dallas. It was and excellent event. We learned some great information about how to streamline our processes, learned what is working for other people in similar business around the country and came back energized and ready to share the great information with the rest of our team so we can help as many families as possible.

We were telling one of the Elite REALTORS® we work with about it yesterday and he said “I am so glad to be hooked up with a company that puts such high value on training & education”. He is right, we do put a high value on training and education and here is the benefit to you.

  1. We stay on the leading edge of developments in the lending and real estate industries. If something is going to change or has changed, we know about it (usually before it happens) and can adjust.
  2. We are connected to companies like ours across the country and to mentors who we can learn from and turn to when we have challenges or just want to improve.
  3. We wouldn’t keep investing in training and education if we didn’t plan to be around for a long time to help families facing Michigan Foreclosures.

We know there are lots of companies and people (REALTORS®, Attorney’s, Title companies) whom you can turn to when you are in a distressed situation with your house. We hope that you don’t just turn to them because of their title “Attorney” or “REALTOR®”. We hope you are asking them about their training – what kind, how recent, plans for ongoing training? Who will they turn to when challenges they have never faced before arise? How will they know if there is a major change with your lender or in the industry that could affect your future?

While you are checking them out, give us a call and ask us the same questions. Let us tell you how we can help you get back to better times, without ever charging you a fee. We look forward to putting all our training and education to work for you.


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