Short Sale or Bankruptcy?

Many families are struggling with this question when facing a Michigan foreclosure. Remember, I’m not an attorney, so I can’t advise you which is best for you and your family.

I have ask a simple question to help you decide on your own what direction to start in:

“If it weren’t for the foreclosure, would you still consider the bankruptcy?”

More often than not the answer will be “well, no”.

I suggest you consider trying to sell the house on a short sale. If we’re all successful with working with you on this, and we stop the foreclosure and save you from putting a bankruptcy on your credit, why not give it a try? Also consider that filing for bankruptcy could cost you thousands of dollars while working a short sale with us won’t cost you a dime.

If you are seriously considering a bankruptcy, before meeting with a bankruptcy attorney, be sure to write out these questions and ask them all at your first meeting.

Give me a call and I’d be glad to discuss your options with you!


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