Short Sale Q&A’s from My Friends& Family

Short Sale Q&A’s from My Friends& Family

The other day my Mom asked me a strange question: “So, how exactly does a short sale work?” I guess the question wasn’t that strange, since most people don’t know the answer. But the thing is, I’ve been working here for over a year now, and I’ve explained the process to her about a dozen times.

I explained it when my cousin and her fiancé tried (unsuccessfully) to buy a short sale property. I explained it when my Uncle was contemplating a short sale on his house (he’s underwater, like so many other Michigan sellers). I also explained it when my grandparent’s neighbor sold her house on a short sale. I guess the thing about short sales is that THEY’RE CONFUSING, and unless you spend every day dealing with short sales, you’re probably going to have lots of questions throughout the entire process.

One of the best things about us here at Great Lakes Home Solutions, Inc. is that we have answers, and lots of them! Joel (our President) is the only state certified short sale instructor in the entire state who negotiates short sales full time. This sort of makes him the short sale guru around these parts. You rarely hear anyone say “I don’t know” around here (and when you do, it’s followed by “and I’ll find out!”).

You’ve got questions? We’re more than happy to share our answers with you. If you have a hardship, are facing a Michigan foreclosure, and would like some friendly answers, give Emily a call. She’s a wealth of information about all things foreclosure and short sale!


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