The #1 Largest Mistake Struggling Homeowners Make – Part 1

The #1 Largest Mistake Struggling Homeowners Make – Part One

If you are a homeowner facing a Michigan foreclosure and trying to stay current on your mortgage but can’t, this is a critical time for you to make decisions and the right ones. After counseling thousands of distressed families, we have seen one major mistake made over and over again. This mistake literally can ruin your financial future faster than anything else you can do.

This mistake comes from a combination of lack of knowledge about foreclosures and lenders and how they work and also this big emotion: FEAR. The #1 mistake you can make is freeze with fear and do nothing. Nothing will get you nothing, when it comes to this terrible situation you are in.

If you are frozen and don’t know what to do, listen up for a moment and let’s analyze what you need to do.
#1. Make that baby step to learn some facts that can really help you. Knowledge IS power and that statement definitely holds up when it comes to late payments and Michigan foreclosures. I’m not talking about the latest you heard at a party from Uncle Bill. I’m talking actual facts that can help your cause! We can review all your options in a nutshell, so give us a call.

#2. The great real estate phrase that sums up everything: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Do not procrastinate decision making and before you make those decisions, call us and we will look at your options and educate you. If you wait until the sheriff sale or worse yet, the end of your redemption period (usually 6 months in Michigan; or 30 days if your lender robs you of the full period), we may not be able to help you.

Next week I”ll cover steps 3-5 with you.  If you can’t wait until then, call us or drop us an email so we can help.


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