The Bison Eventually benefitted from Government Help, but Will You?

On our recent trip out west, we visited Custer State Park in South Dakota which is famous for having one of the largest Bison herds in the nation.  While we were at the park, we went on a Bison Safari where we learned lots of interesting facts about the bison.


For example, do you know that in the late 1800’s, in a few short years, the number of bison in the West went from millions to thousands all because the government decided that hunting them down would force native Americans to move west in search of more food allowing for white settlers to move into the Native Americans territory more easily. At some point, people realized this was a bad plan and forces rose to protect the bison just in time before they were almost hunted to extinction. Not to mention the devastation to the Native Americans who were also hurt by these policies. Now a large number of bison live under “federal protection” in state and national parks.

In the interest of being politically correct, all I will say is that what started out as a popular government intervention, almost resulted in disaster.

I couldn’t help thinking how some of today’s government programs, particularly those aimed at “fixing” the housing crisis, while sounding good and being popular, are not always the best solution for the people they intend to help. In many cases, they help very few people and just delay the inevitable for others all while putting the economy in a deeper, longer-lasting hole.

If you are facing a Michigan Foreclosure, and decide to try one of these programs, just go into it with your eyes wide open. Don’t expect a miracle solution to your complex problem. Be smart enough to realize when it is just not going to work and start looking for other solutions. In many cases, switching strategies is the best solution. We can help you evaluate your options.

If you realize you need to get out from under the burden of a house you can no longer afford, give us a call. We can help with a proven program that has helped countless other families preserve their credit and get a fresh start. If you wait too long, it could become too late for us to help and you will be on your own to fight for your financial survival.


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