The “Experts” are Calling the Real Expert

I’m amazed with the number of calls I get from other real estate professionals asking for advice about foreclosures and short sales in Michigan.  I get calls from Realtors®, lenders, title companies and even attorneys.  Realtors® I can understand since I have a State of Michigan approved course to teach them how to negotiate short sales (

What really surprised me this week though was a call that I got from Dave a Waterland Homes, LLC (  Dave is a Realtor® that specializes in absolutely beautiful properties in Northern Michigan.  As it turns out, even this part of Michigan, with these kinds of properties aren’t immune to foreclosure or the need to negotiate short sales.

Like all Realtors® who don’t specialize in short sales, Dave was frustrated with the lack of progress he was making on a short sale he was personally negotiating.  After a few minutes of my coaching he was on his way to helping another distressed seller.

Someone’s got to teach the “experts”!


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