The Fastest Way to Sell Your House and Stop Michigan Foreclosures

Tina and Ron wanted to sell their house and stop a Michigan Foreclosure. However, they wanted the benefit of selling without being inconvenienced by the work it takes to sell a house. As you can guess, they weren’t very successful.

Ron would sit in his easy chair, smoke and watch the game during showings. It was still his house, he said, and he can do what he wants in his house. Tina & Ron would not return the Realtor®’s calls, or clean up before a showing. After all, they worked hard all day and were tired and they were doing the Realtor® a favor letting him list their house. He was going to make money, they weren’t so they would only call him back and clean when they felt up to it (which was never).

This attitude put them on the road to not selling their house, having a full foreclosure on their credit, and having the bank come after them for all the money that was lost.

Have you’ve realized that you can’t afford your house anymore and your best option is to sell it and make a new start? I bet you want to sell it fast and get on to better times. How do you do this?

1. You need to list with a Realtor®. Listing with a Realtor® gets your house listed on the Multiple Listing Service which is where most buyers (working with and without Realtors®) look for houses. If you don’t have money to pay a Realtor® because of a financial hardship, then you may be a good candidate to work with us. We will make sure there is never a fee to you for our service or the Realtor®’s service.
2. You need to allow the Realtor® to show the house. Yes, this will create inconveniences for you, but buyers don’t buy houses without looking at them.
3. You need to follow advice from your Realtor® on things you can do to make the house show better. See earlier BLOGs (here and here) for a list of recommended things to do. Remember, the Realtor® doesn’t get paid unless they sell the house and they will never tell you anything that will jeopardize that goal. They also understand your financial situation and will not ask you to put any money into the house.
4. If the house is rented, you need to get the tenant to cooperate with showings. Remember, you put the tenant in the house, not the Realtor®. You need to control your tenant.
5. If you have asked the Realtor® to notify you about showings, you need to return their calls promptly and let them know the showing time is ok.
6. Yes, sometimes you will have to allow showings on short notice.

Remember, the sooner you find a buyer for your house, the sooner the house will go pending and all showings with stop. Then you can start moving on to better times. We can help you find a Realtor® that will work hard to find a buyer quickly. If you have a financial hardship and are facing foreclosure, we will work with the Realtor® to get the bank to accept a discount so there is no cost to you to sell the house. We will work hard to get your house sold fast! Contact us to learn more.


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