Tips to Sell from the Media – Really? Let’s Get Real!

Tips to Sell from the Media – Really? Let’s Get Real!

I recently read an online article listing some of the reasons people cannot sell their houses and providing some suggestions to that end. Here are a few examples:

  • You haven’t picked the right REALTOR®.
  • You need to get an appraisal so that you’ll know what a buyer’s lender will approve.
  • You need to get comparative list prices (or “comps”) which include foreclosure listings so you know at what price houses are actually selling in your neighborhood.
  • The house needs to be attractive and have “curb appeal”.
  • The house needs to be “staged”. This means you would hire someone to analyze and address any cosmetic or décor problems that are preventing your house from being aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers.
  • You need to make sure the house doesn’t need any work.

Now, many of these tips are good and useful. You want to have an agent who is reputable and dedicated. As for the appraisal and “comp” tips, I could not agree more; a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, regardless of debt or perceived sentimental value. And, of course someone is more likely to offer on a house that is attractive and to pass on one that is not. Again, these are good ideas, but more than half of them require spending money, and who in this economy has the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to spend on these recommendations?

My point is that although I agree with the thoughts and intentions in this list, for many families here in Michigan, needing a short sale to avoid a foreclosure, these suggestions are simply not feasible or affordable. If you are struggling to sell your house, call us – we’ll see what sort of practical solution we can help you find.


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